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Code of Conduct


We provide the Gameplaytrick comment sections to promote polite speech among staff and readership about what brings us all together – video games. We encourage you to put your two cents in the subject, but all we ask is that you do it in a polite manner. These conversations are at their best when participants talk to others in a way that acknowledges the views of others without turning into personal attacks or assuming the worst of another poster. Therefore, we encourage you to conduct yourself in a civilized manner.

In general, we do not tolerate threats of violence, obscene or vulgar behavior, inappropriate language, harassment, racist / sexual / religious messages, defamatory comments, spam, trolling, advertising or circumvention. prohibitions. These guidelines are not exhaustive and may not address all kinds of offensive behavior. As such, forum moderators will have the discretion to address any behavior they deem inappropriate. Your access to these conversations is a “privilege” and not a “right”. Game Informer reserves the right to suspend your access at any time for reasons which include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to follow these guidelines.